Renal ICU

Renal ICU (RICU) is a specialized section of our hospital which is divided into a critical care ICU (for infected patients) and post transplant ICU. It provides comprehensive and continuous care for critically ill renal patients requiring close monitoring . It is headed by Intensivist Dr. Rimple Gupta. The renal ICU is a four bedded Intensive care unit- which is in accordance with world standards with fully equipped invasive monitors, ventilators and round the clock dialysis facility.

We have a complete critical care team comprising of residents trained in care of critically ill patients, Respiratory Physiotherapist, Dietician to cater for special diet &
nutritional requirement for renal patients. For every 2 patients we have one nusrse who is trained in critical care.

All over renal transplant patient are kept in the ICU for 2-3 days for close monitoring under complete aseptic environment.

This renal ICU has gained wide popularity in and around the region because of its unique feature of a transplant surgeon , Intensivist , Nephrologist, Urologist round the clock all under one roof.

Latest News

1. Surya Kidney Care is proud to be associated with Rotary Club, Panchkula. Watch out for updates in the monthly magazine.

2. A village comes in with financial & emotional support for a young poor boy named Bikar Singh suffering from Chronic Renal Failure & helps him undergo a successful renal transplant at Surya Kidney Care.

3. Surya Kidney Care- Ultrasound Center to not to do any USG procedure for a Gynae & Obs patient.

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